Gently Wean Yourself From Pinyin

On Chinese webpages see the pinyin for only the characters/words you don't know. Tap to see the definition. Pinwean will keep track of what you know and what you don't know.

Works on PC, MacOS, iOS, Android, etc. All browsers. If a web page doesn't work, try pasting the url into the url field at then activating the bookmarklet.

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How to use the Pinwean bookmarklet

  1. Go to any webpage written in Chinese.
  2. Click the Pinwean bookmark and wait. Unless...
  3. ...if you want to only read a portion of the page, select the Chinese text you want to convert and then click the Pinwean bookmark and wait.
  4. When the conversion is finished you just start reading. If you don't know a character/word then just click to see the pinyin. If you still don't know the word after revealing the pinyin, then click it again to see the definition.
  5. You should read Chinese everyday to increase your vocabulary and assimilate the grammar.
  6. Note: If you want to follow a link, please click on the word "(link)" beside the original link. This allows you to click on the original link to see the pinyin or definition.

How to install the Pinwean bookmarklet

  1. Bookmark the web page you are on right now. (Best to save the bookmark somewhere it is easy to find. We are going to edit it later.)
  2. Fill out this form to get your customized javascript code:
  3. Email:
  4. Username:
  5. Warning: Only check this box if you want to always see the pinyin and not gradually remove the pinyin as you learn more words.
  6. Now, find the bookmark you saved and edit it. (Here's how to edit a bookmark in Chrome, Safari, Firefox
  7. Paste the javascript code into the address or URL field, replacing the whole and everything else with the code in your clipboard or in the box above. Save the bookmark.
  8. Use it to read Chinese. Here is a good website to try.

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